Handmade In Harpenden

Dedicated to living a clean, sustainable way of life, Handmade in Harpenden was made to share Henry & Farhana's custom blended fragrances and plant-based creations with the world, while pledging to only source materials from the UK.

Kitchen Scents

Inspired by the ingredients in her kitchen, whether it be the flowers on the kitchen table or the herb pot by the stove, Lucy decided to recreate these wonderful scents and aromas in the form of soy wax candles, soy wax melts and reed diffusers.

Every candle is hand-poured by Lucy using only 100% soy wax and the best natural fragrance oils.

Lucy continues to develop new scents using natural ingredients whilst being as sustainable as possible.

Wildheart Organics

There are very few companies like Wildheart. They only use 100% essential oils all blended to enhance your mood and wellbeing. There are only a handful of companies who adopt this approach.
They never use artificial perfumes or any petrochemicals. They promise that our products only contain essential oils and nothing else and do not use ”natural identicals” or filler isolates.

Every Wildheart product is hand-made in Britain

Norfolk Natural Living

Norfolk Natural Living was borne out of this idea, a slow-luxury home care and wellbeing brand, designed to bring a little beauty and even pleasure to our daily rituals.

They bottle every formulation by hand and use only natural ingredients formulated with therapeutic blends, designed to improve your wellbeing.

They believe our everyday rituals shouldn't be a chore but a pleasure - from washing the dishes, to doing the laundry or falling asleep, each of our products is designed to improve your wellbeing.

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